Delete files permanently

Delete files permanently

Prevent business data and personal information from being recovered! Completely erase sensitive files from your computer, removable disks, USB drives and memory sticks with file shredder software.

File shredder software allows you to permanently delete files and folders, and even wipe the free space to erase previously deleted files.

With file shredder software you can:

Permanently delete files and folders. Some file deletetion fools also change files and folders names, size and date to prevent finding the original information of deleted files.

Completely erase a whole hard drive.

Permanently delete files from computers, hard drives, removable disks, USB drives, memory sticks, network drives, and other storage devices.

Easily choose what to delete and how to delete. Some delete files tools provide search options to search files by date, size and type.

Wipe the free space to permanently delete previously deleted files, including all previously deleted files information such as file name, date and size.

Permanently delete files from the Recycle Bin to remove all traces of previously deleted files.

Why you need to permanently delete files from your computer

When you delete files from your computer and even empty the Recycle Bin, Windows only deletes references to the files from the file system table but the contents of all deleted files remain on the disk that gives an opportunity to restore files to their original location. Deleted files can be restored even if you format your hard drive. Everything from your private documents to your Internet history, emails, movies and music you downloaded - all information can be easily recovered.

To prevent unauthorized restore of deleted files, you can use special software that enables you to permanently delete individual files and folder as well as wipe the whole drive, wipe free space and wipe the Recycle bin.

How to permanently delete files and wipe free space

Need to permanently erase sensitive files from your computer, removable disks, USB drives, memory sticks and picture cards beyond recovery? Delete files software makes it impossible for anyone to restore deleted information so you can feel confident that sensitive information is completely eliminated.

Delete files software helps you easily, quickly and permanently delete all personal, confidential and critical data from your computer and removable disks by overwriting them according to selected wiping standards.

Monday, November 12, 2018 
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